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Seen Un-Seen Disneyland Book Series by Russell Flores

The Seen Un-Seen Disneyland Book Series (SUDBOOKS)

Have you ever looked around while visiting Disneyland and wonder what wonderful Un-Seen Disneyland details you are missing? Have you been to the Park many times, and still see things that you had never noticed before? D you wondered what secret things you’re not seeing? Both books bring some of the most hidden, obscure, and detailed elements at the Park to light that each help to contribute to the MAGIC that is Disneyland! SUD contains 193 pages, 374 full color pictures, 116 end notes, 13 quizzes and 121 references. MSUD has ALL new material and contains 268 pages, 597 full color pictures, 321 notes, 16 quizzes and 165 references. These books will help you enjoy many of the wonders that the Imagineers have incorporated into this wonderful place called Disneyland. Get your personalized autographed copy here.

Russell lives in northern California. He is a life long Disney fan and Russell visits the Disney Theme parks as often as he can. Russell enjoys taking family trips, trips with friends, and even occasional trips by himself (usually for sales or research). He has been to the Disneyland and the Walt Disney World resorts. Russell hopes to go to all of the resorts someday.

Russell also enjoy participating in Disney events such as various Disney Half Marathons, D23 Conventions, Disneyana Expos, Pacific Northwest Mouse Meets, D23 fan events, Pacific Northwest Mouse Treks, Four Guys One Disneyland trips, Fan Meets, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party (Walt Disney World) and Mickey’s Halloween Party (Disneyland).  He is a Disneyland Annual Pass Holder, Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, D23 member, Walt Disney Family Museum Member, Doombuggies Fan Club member, Carolwood Pacific Historical Society member, Communicore Weekly Fan Club member, Disneyana Fan Club member, and NorCal Disneyana Fan Club member.

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A book about all the details you see at Disneyland, but don't really see

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