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Back to School Special!!

Back to School Special on both Seen Un-Seen Disneyland books!!

For a limited time, you can get either Seen Un-Seen Disneyland book for the Special price of just $14 each plus shipping (Normally $21.95 and $19.95). Just go to my Store Front Web Page and get your copy today. Don’t miss your opportunity to get your personalized, autographed copies of my books.

These books are full color books with no duplication between the two. They will show you hundreds of the wonderful details that the Walt Disney Imagineers (WDI) have added to help make Disneyland the special place that it is.




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You-Hoo, Big Summer Blow Out!

Don’t Miss Your Chance for Great Savings on Autographed copies my Books.

Only 24 Hours to act.

Big Summer Blow Out

To celebrate the first FULL day of summer (Summer Started yesterday at 12:30P EST) I am selling my books at the Big Summer Blow Out price of $13 each (+ shipping). All books come autographed (personalized upon request). This sale is limited to 24 hours due to the extraordinary price cut. Hurry and get yours: Get your copies HERE.


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