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Just posted another story on The Sweep Spot podcast web page (5/17/2013)

Just posted my latest post on The Sweep Spot web page. I gave shout outs to Bob GurrJeff KurttiJeff Heimbuch, The DIS, The DisGeek Podcast, Mousetalgia, Communicore Weekly, The DLRage Podcast, Tim O’DayRolly CrumpDave SmithKevin YeeJoshua Shaffer, Tony Baxter, and even Don Knotts.

Good Bye Annette

Very sad yesterday to learn of Annette Funicello’s passing. MS is a tragic disease. She died of complications. CNN has a great story with several good links. One of my earliest memories of Disney was my babysitter telling me about the Mickey Mouse Club and then showing us the show that afternoon. Annette was obviously prominent. Good bye Annette. You were a big part in starting me down this wonderful journey. Thank you and you will be missed.


Help Dis-Unplugged podcast raise $1 Million for Give Kids the World Village!

Be sure to check out The DIS Unplugged‘s Give Kids the World event, where they are trying to raise $1 million for this worthy cause. They are an organization that provide trips to the Orlando area theme parks for terminally ill children. The story of how this all got started is heart wrenching. To learn more about this worthy event, go to Dis Meet Weekend. To learn more about this great organization, please go to Give Kids the World Village.

News Flash – “Secret Bathroom” Gone!

Bummer, just found out the “Secret Bathroom” is gone and the area is now part of the Princess Fantasy Faire queue. That was always a nice, quit, and clean bathroom. You can still see it and many more things in my book Seen, Un-Seen Disneyland. Thank you TommyPix for your report.