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Do I need to buy the second edition?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on if the newest printing is a whole new book. No it is not. We did take the opportunity to correct some typos and add a couple of sentences. These additions are minimal, like noting the “Secret Bathroom” is now gone. If you have the first book already, most people are fine and don’t need to replace or add to it. Only if you need another copy or are one of those book puriests like several of my friends would you need to order. Otherwise, enjoy your first edition copy and thank for buying my book.

Out of Stock

Talked to my publisher David Smith today. Book stores like Amazon still have copies of my book, Seen Un-Seen Disneyland, but his distribution warehouse is out of stock. There was a big run my my book just before Christmas that we did not anticipate. We are rushing to have a new print run completed as soon as possible. Man that is a good feeling, but scary that we are out.

A problem every author wants.

I was contacted last week by my publisher and told that his stock of my book was almost out and wanted me to ship him all of my stock to keep sales going at the book store. He also want to do another printing. This is a big problem that every author wants to have. I currently working on removing some typos that were reported and had the book re-proofed to confirm we get them all. Hopefully we will be doing another printing in a week or two.

Book Reviews

Two great new book reviews added to my review page. See what Sam Gennawey author and writer for MiceChat and Future Imagineer have to say about my book.

DFC Disneyana Expo 2013

Will you be at the DFC Expo July 14th? Come by an say hi. I will be selling my book and autographing peoples’ books. I will also be at the parks Friday evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday evening.